School Principal's Welcome

At SIEVEMK Gateway we are passionate about creating opportunities, delivering excellence and changing lives.


SMK Gateway Alternative Provision has been established to deliver education programs to children and young people who are out of school for a variety of reasons, according to DCSF guidance and government directives.

We are responsible for: 

  • All secondary pupils who are permanently excluded from school.

  • Pupils who are unable to attend school because of medical needs, who will be absent for 3 weeks or more.

  • Children and young people who are hospitalized for 3 days or more or admitted on a regular basis.

  • School-age mothers who are unable to access education. 

We are committed to the support of vulnerable children through: 

  • The Secondary School 6 Day + partnership agreement (for pupils who are fixed period excluded from school from their 10th day of exclusion onwards).

  • The support of children and young people who are at risk of exclusion from school.

  • Provision of specific individual pupil programs commissioned by the Milton Keynes Special Education Needs Section. 

Tony Oyakhire, Principal

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Mission Statement

            To provide a diverse, broad and balanced alternative curriculum for pupils temporarily unable to attend mainstream provisions, placing value on the development of a wide range of skills and aptitudes. All students will focus on the core skills of literacy, numeracy, digital competence and both social and emotional engagement with strong positive communication to equip our pupils with life skills.



            - SMK Gateway Alternative Provision

  • to provide outstanding pastoral care and deliver a varied enrichment program to promote personal, social and academic excellence in all pupils


  • all pupils will have access to education which is appropriate for their individual needs 

  • to develop their social and life skills

  • teaching to be delivered in a safe and nurturing environment 

  • to appoint outstanding, committed, experienced, forward-thinking and well-qualified staff-teachers and mentors that can offer effective support to all pupils

  • to ensure outstanding leadership at all levels including governance 

  • to prepare pupils for re-integration into a mainstream school, college, employment or training.




the following

  • Each pupil will have a personalized Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP will include targets as determined by SMK:Gateway, the mainstream school that has referred the pupil as well as the pupils' family. The plan is put in place at the time of starting and is reviewed every 6 weeks ensuring the pupil is making progress and working towards their goals.

  • Most pupils will be at our center for 12 weeks unless it is determined beneficial for the child to remain a while longer so they can make even greater progress. It is vitally important to us to ensure we are providing the best support for each and every individual pupil.

Create Opportunities

Delivering Excellence

Changing Lives

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